All resident students are required to participate in the base Meal Plan at 1375 points per semester to use at all dining locations on campus.  The base Meal Plan rolls from fall to spring, but any base Meal Plan points not used by the close of the academic year are non-refundable.

1375 points are loaded to your Stonehill ID card at the beginning of each semester and declines like a debit card as you purchase items around campus.

Depending on your frequency of use, if your base meal plan is depleted before the end of a semester, additional monies, in the form of Added Meal Points or Hill Card Points, will need to be added.  Added Meal Points and Hill Card Points roll from semester to semester, and year to year or are fully refundable if unused.

Go to to add Hill Card Points or Added Meal Points.

Base Meal Plan Points carry from first semester to second semester.  At the end of second semester base Meal Plan Points are not refundable. If you have base Meal Plan Points left at the end of the semester you are able to make year end purchases.

Yes! It is your money and you can use it for family members and/or guests. However, it will result in a more rapid depletion of your Meal Plan

No. Hill cards are non-transferrable and ALL students using a Hill Card ID that is not theirs will be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

If you lose your Hill Card, you should immediately login to and report your card as lost. This will deactivate the card in the system. To get a replacement card, go to Campus Police. You will be issued a new card for a replacement fee of $25.00. Treat your card like cash and keep it in a safe location at all times.

Print out this form and we will pack up a meal for a friend to pick up for you. Sick form.