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Meal Plans

Welcome to the Stonehill College Dine Around Plan.  To meet the diverse dining needs of our community, the Dine Around Plan is a fully declining balance plan.  It allows you to use your meal plan at every dining location on campus.  Whether eating with friends at the Roche Dining Commons, grabbing a coffee at Ace's Place in the MacPhaidin Library, ordering mozzarella sticks at The Hill or having a hand crafted sandwich at Au Bon Pain in the new Welcome Center,  you will have the flexibility to pay as you go and only spend what you need.

How the Meal Plan Works

Residents will start each semester with $1300.00 on a meal plan account on the Hill Card.  You will then use your Hill Card to make purchases in the Dining Commons, The Hill, Ace's Place, Holy Cross Center, Au Bon Pain and Dunkin Donuts. These purchases are debited from your meal plan account. This system is similar to using a debit card for your checking account. All the items obtained while passing through the serving areas are totaled on a cash register and debited from your meal plan account.

Commuter students are not required to be on a meal plan, however they may add money to a meal plan or their Hill account, both of which are on the Hill card.  

Throughout the year, you should be checking your meal plan balance so that you can best monitor your spending.  There are two ways to check your balance:

  1. Go to
  2. After every sale, you may ask the cashier what your balance is or request a receipt.

If you have any questions regarding how the meal plan works, or need assistance in deciding which plan is best for you, stop by the Dining Services Office located at the Commons, or call our office at (508) 565-1888. We will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Meal Plan Policies and Procedures

All resident students are required to be on a meal plan. 

Students may request a special accommodation for medical purposes.  Please visit the Office of Accessibility Resources  website at for information regarding medical requests for meal plan accommodations.

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